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What is a ballscrew?

Ballscrews are responsible for converting rotating energy into linear motion, whether this energy is generated by a stepper motor, servo motor or similar. Considered a very efficient, low-friction drive system, the ball screw makes a helical movement, which happens when a solid element rotates around a fixed axis, moving along that axis, similar to a helix.

The large machines used in industry consist of numerous very small parts and one of the most important for the proper functioning of industrial automation is undoubtedly the ballscrew as it is responsible for linear movement on industrial machines, particularly for 2-axis (X-Y systems) or 3-axis (X-Y-Z systems) positioning systems as well as for linear movement of the "7th axis" in robots.

Ballscrews are nothing more than a type of screw and a nut that operate similarly to bearings, working together to transmit power similar to a conventional power screw. What changes is that instead of sliding friction, the bearing balls create a bearing friction where the nut has an inner groove as an outer raceway while the spindle has a precision thread or helical groove wound as an inner raceway. The precision steel balls circulate between the grooves, causing the spindle to rotate while the nut moves linearly.

The ballscrews operate silently, effectively, without the aid of air compressors or hydraulic pressure pumps, ensuring an extremely reliable transmission, only mechanical, of high precision and with a very high degree of repeatability, thus proving to be indispensable elements to guarantee a high degree of precision in mechanical transmissions.

In order to offer solutions adaptable to various contexts,Hiwin has created a range of ballscrews. 

Main Series: 

Precision Grounded Ballscrew

This ballscrew has the ability to provide high levels of positioning accuracy and repeatability, always guided by its smooth movement. This high-efficiency screw, with a long service life, is perfect for a wide variety of applications.

    Rolled Ballscrew

    This type of screw is distinguished from the previous one by its manufacturing process. While the precision ballscrew is made through a grinding process, it is laminated. The great advantage of the laminated ballscrew is that it can combine smooth movement with low friction during use.

      Miniature Ground Ballscrews

      Miniature ballscrews are best suited for lighter and shorter load applications due to their compact size. Nevertheless, they provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, have a smooth movement and a long life cycle.

        R1 Series Rotating Nut

        The rotating nut of the brand has a design specially conceived so that the balls can circulate inside the nut at the same time as it has an integral bearing that allows the ballscrew shaft to be fixed. It is essentially characterized by the high axial load it offers and the reduction of noise when operating at high speeds.

          Heavy Load Series

          Heavy-load ballscrews offer a load capacity 2-3 times higher than any standard series of ballscrews. In addition, they have reinforced circulation systems that are suitable for high speed conditions and are capable of achieving a longer lifetime.

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