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LBK System - Radar Technology for Human Security

The LBK system was the first certified safety radar system to be created worldwide. Inxpect's pioneering technology has proven to be a success and a great asset to the safety of employees in the work environment. When the system was created, there was no other solution that was 100% effective in ensuring the safety of employees when exposed to various industrial equipment and machinery.

The system consists of a sensor and a radar. The sensor sends a radio signal to objects, and these same objects reflect energy.

The amount of energy reflected varies according to the characteristics of the object receiving the signal: 

    1. Material- There are materials that have very high reflection rates and others with lower reflection rates.

    2. Size of the area exposed to the sensor- The larger the area, the greater the reflection generated.

    3. Position and angle to the sensor- The distance between the object and the sensor defines the reflected energy, in that, an object that is in front of the sensor has a higher reflection than an object that is far away from it.

    4. Speed of movement- the faster the speed of movement of the object the higher the reflection.

    Main functions

    Restart prevention - This feature prevents machines from restarting while operators are in the machine's work area, which is considered a risk zone.
    _The sensor is extremely sensitive 
    _Static objects are automatically excluded (the sensor does not detect)
    _Fixed FOV: 110º/30º

        Access detection - In this case, the sensor prevents the operator from entering the dangerous area. When the sensor detects that the operator is in that area it immediately stops the machine.

        • _The sensitivity of the sensor is lower
        • _Static objects are automatically excluded (the sensor does not detect)
        • _Configurable FOV: 110º/3º or 50º/15º

            In addition to the main functions, the LBK system has two additional features that prevent tampering:

            • Accelerometer- the sensors store the angle that has been set and go into fault if changed.
            • Scenario- This feature allows the sensor to record an image of what it is supposed to see and thus prevents tampering with the working environments.

            It can be configured for two types of applications:

            • In the first, the radar records an image of the scene so that no operator attempts to tamper with the system. In other words, if an operator tries to remove any part of the machine or change the sensor's field of view so that it does not activate, the sensor detects the error and immediately stops the system.

            • In the second case, the sensor is moving in an AGV and is therefore configured as if the scene is free. That is, the sensor cannot detect static objects, but since it is moving, it assumes that the static objects are too. In this way, the sensor will bring the system to a halt, but when it stops it analyzes the field of view and notices that the object is actually static and thus immediately restarts the operation.


                  • Resistance
                  • This system is extremely resistant to the adversities of the environment where it is installed and is, therefore, able to withstand dust, sawdust, stones, oils, humidity, temperature changes, etc.

                  • Versatility
                  • The system is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

                  • Flexible Positioning

                    The installation position of the sensor can vary. It can be installed from the ground up to 3 meters.

                  For more information about the Inxpect LBK system, please Reiman's specialized team.


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