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1-041.05DST DST Fastener □9.5 with Leaf Spring



  • Fastener with DIRAK-SNAP-Technology for joining sheet metal panels.
  • For cutout □9.5.
  • Tool-less installation.
  • Sheet metal panels are easily joined by manually pressing the fastener through the panel cutout.
  • This fastener can be disengaged from the front of the panel using a Phillips H2 screwdriver.
  • One piece.
  • Vibration-proof.


  • Housing: zinc die, untreated
  • SNAP wedges: sintered steel, zinc plated
  • Leaf spring: stainless steel
  • Insert: aluminum, hardened


1. leaf spring
2. SNAP wedges
3. cutout rear panel, also possible as oblong hole for tolerance adjustment.
4. cutout front panel
Removal: by turning the screwdriver counterclockwise, the SNAP wedges are retracted. The leaf spring pushes the fastener out of rear panel. The (S) dimension indicates the total thickness of the sheet metal panels.

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DST Fastener □9.5 with Leaf Spring
More Information
Material Zinc-die
High performing lines DIRAK-SNAP-Technology