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1-069DST DST Pull Latch Handle



  • The pull latch handle with DIRAK-SNAP-Technology is used by the 19 rack industry for locking insertions.
  • Tool-less installation.
  • RH / LH application.
  • When inserting the pull latch, the free running slam hook slides into the cutout of the door to keep the latch from rotating.
  • By tilting the handle, the hook is removed from the cutout, enabling the drawer to be pulled out by the handle. The asymmetrical design allows the handle to tilt when it is pulled.


  • Housing and handle: zinc die, matte chrome plated
  • Spring for insert: spring steel
  • Snap wedges and hook: sintered steel, zinc plated


1. The bulge in the cutout is always opposite of the bolt. This cutout guarantees a unique and constant fitting

1. Bulge for correct positional installation
2. Cutout door
3. Cutout frame
4. Pushing in
5. Locked
6. Unlocked

DST Pull Latch Handle.

More Information
Material Zinc-die
High performing lines DIRAK-SNAP-Technology
Type of Latch Slam