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1-070DST DST Clamping Latch



  • Mini clamping latch with with DIRAK-SNAP-Technology and indicator
  • ~7.5mm compression stroke (1.)
  • Tool-less installation
  • RH and LH version
  • The latching and compression operation for the RH version is clockwise, for the LH version counterclockwise
  • By turning the knob, the cam is put into the latched position. Once latched, a further turning of the knob makes the cam start its compression feature
  • The knob can also be controlled by a Phillips screwdriver
  • The direction of opening/closing is clearly marked on the housing


  • Housing: zinc die, matte chrome plated
  • Insert: steel, matte chrome plated
  • Washer: steel, zinc plated
  • Spring: stainless steel
  • Straight cam: steel, zinc plated
  • Snap wedges: sintered steel, zinc plated


Once latched, the cam for the RH version points to the right and vice versa.

2. Open
3. Cam pivoted
4. Cam compressed

DST Clamping Latch.

More Information
Material Zinc-die
High performing lines DIRAK-SNAP-Technology
Type of Latch Compression