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2-102 Swinghandle RS 105 for PHZ, RC II



  • Swinghandle with liftable operating lever, 90° rotation
  • For profile-cylinders 40 and 45mm
    1. If a profile-cylinder 40mm is used, the cylinder is located 5mm lower in the operating lever
  • Lockable with profile-cylinder 45° or 90° cam position
  • RH / LH application
  • Complies with security test DIN EN 1630 RCII
  • Secured with a bolt against vandalism
  • Saw up difficult because of steel insert (HRC 45)
  • Seismic-proof according to GR-63-CORE, Issue 4
  • IP65 according to DIN EN 60529


  • Swinghandle, fastener, dish, dust cover and cap: zinc die, black
  • Bolt: AISI 316
  • Shaft: brass
  • Washer, nut and screw: steel, zinc plated
  • Flat external seal: NBR/ Fiber


(S) Door-thickness max. 3mm

To get the same design for RH and LH doors it is possible to make two cutouts with □46 symmetrically to the middle of the door.

For Swinghandles with mechatronic locking control see

Swinghandle RS 105 for PHZ, RC II.

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Material Zinc-die