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2-126.01 Dual-Key Cylinder Swinghandle RS 105, RC II



  • Dual-Key Cylinder Swinghandle with pivotable operating lever
  • Complies with security test to DIN EN 1630 RCII
  • Can be opened with either of the two key cylinders. Accepts 40mm and 45mm profile cylinders
  • The handle can be locked without using a key
  • Seismic-proof according to GR-63-CORE, Issue 4
  • Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373
  • IP65 according to DIN EN 60529
  • Including steel insert (saw protection)
  • To use the same door both RH and LH, 2 holes □46, symmetrical to door center are possible
  • Logo (1.) on handle on request


  • Swinghandle and dish: zinc die, ZL 0430, black
  • Other surfaces on request


(S) Door-thickness 3mm - max. 6mm

Dual-Key Cylinder Swinghandle RS 105, RC II.

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Material Zinc-die