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265-9610.00-00000 Slam Latch for Sliding Door


Slam Latch for Sliding Door.

Shipped In: 10-12 Days
Including Tax: €58.87
Special pricing for OEM's and resellers available. Quantity-based discounts available as well.


  • Slam latch consists of two parts (bolt and locking element) for sliding doors
  • The door-part catches the slam-bolt and is also the limit stop for the frame-part
  • When using extruded aluminium profiles, different profile widths can be used due to oblong holes
  • Finger-tip grip allows easy opening
  • Opening by pulling the handle element
  • Self-closing by sliding the door shut
  • Both self-adhesive rectangular profiles have to be installed after assembly of the slam latch at the inner side of the locking element to absorb noise and vibrations


  • Bold and locking element: zinc die, black
  • Slot nuts: steel, zinc plated
  • Cylinder barrel: PA, black
  • Spring: stainless steel
  • Rectangular seal: polyurethane, black


Fastening with 4 screws M6 (e.g. DIN 912) and the slot nuts which are included in scope of delivery. (1.)

Version with cylinder barrel is supplied with 2 keys

More Information
Material Zinc-plated steel
Type of Latch Slam
Latching Type without lock, with plug
Installation type screw-on
Bolt with slam feature Yes