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7-330 Slam Latch Stainless Steel



  • Flush slam latch with free stroke
  • The recessed grip below the lever allows an easy access for operating the lever
  • For unlocking (5.) the lever has to be opened about 45°, the spring loaded lever automatically returns to the flush position
  • By the finger-pull on the latch, unlocking from inside is possible
  • By omitting the front packing plate the height dimension (S) can be increased by 3.4mm


  • Housing, handle and latch: AISI 316, surface polished
  • Screw, cam angle, pin and spring: stainless steel
  • Spacer: nylon, black


Door thickness (S) max. 15mm

1. Cam angle, included
2. Fastening screws 8-32 UNC x 22, for thinner door-thicknesses (S) please cut the screw accordingly
3. Cutout Ø52mm (2.047)
4. Base plates

Slam Latch Stainless Steel.

More Information
Material AISI 316
High performing lines Inox
Type of Latch Slam