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7 reasons to use Hygienic Design / Clean products

Elesa+Ganter Linha CLEAN

Sanitizing spaces requires very repetitive and time-consuming processes. Ensuring that surfaces are always clean can be a very expensive task and, particularly for companies, greatly reduces production time. If this has always been an essential task in any industry, with the advent of Covid-19 the concerns have increased. Fortunately, to address these problems, there are some very viable and effective solutions on the market as is the case of Elesa+Ganter's Clean line of accessories and Hygienic Design by Dirak.

Both lines were developed with hygienic safety of spaces in mind, however, there are some points of distinction between them: 

    Hygienic Design

    This line features fittings with sophisticated geometric shapes made of stainless steel that prevent any accumulation of bacteria. In order to guarantee the highest levels of safety, the products are designed with smooth rounded edges, thus avoiding any potential handling risk. In addition, they are adaptable to any environment due to their high resistance to corrosion and temperature. These products have specific characteristics tested according to the DGUV standards and NV 13090 certification.


    The Clean accessories are made of technopolymer in Ral 9002 (white color) which facilitates the identification of dirt. In addition, the angles and indentations of the products in the line are all smoothed and, in some cases, even eliminated so that there are no hard-to-clean areas.

    7 main reasons why you should implement these products in your activity:

    1. Reduction of angles and indentations, which reduces the accumulation of trash.
    2. Faster and more efficient cleaning
    3. Easier to identify dirt
    4. Food Safe (Hygienic design only)
    5. Less expensive cleaning (fewer costs)
    6. More environmentally conscious cleaning (fewer chemicals)
    7. Distinctive product design

    Both lines are applicable to all industrial sectors, however, they were developed thinking of areas with higher levels of demand, such as the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food areas.

    Hygienic Design - Dirak

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