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What is CNC turning?

CNC Turning - Reiman

CNC turning (Computer Numerical Control) is a subtractive manufacturing process that emerged in the year 1940. Since then, it has undergone some changes, but the concept is the same. This process uses a cutting tool that subtracts the necessary material to create cylindrical parts that can have various contours.

The design of the part is done in CAD (Computer Aided Design) - a software that allows the creation of very real 3D models that show what the final result of the part will be. After the model is generated, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software is used to simulate all the different machining stages and generate a "digital code", called G-code, which will serve as a guide for the numerical control of the "machine" to follow. The G-code contains information from the spindle speed control to the positioning of the cutting tool.

    The main steps of the process are:

    1. Create the part drawing in the CAD software
    2. Create the G-code
    3. Setting up the CNC lathe
    4. Manufacture the parts

    Advantages of a CNC lathe:

    1. Automated process
    2. Wide range of cutting tools
    3. High precision
    4. Capable of extremely low roughness

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