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5 advantages of using a variable frequency drive

Variable Frequency Drive-Invertek

The variable frequency drive is an electronic device designed to control the speed in alternating current electric motors. The speed variation is obtained by the conjugated variation of voltage and frequency of the current that arrives at the electric motor, according to a curve that, in turn, can also be changed by the drive itself.

Currently, this type of equipment, in its several variants, has a vast field of application in the motorization of existing equipment in all sectors of activity, whether domestic or industrial, to the highest power and the most demanding operating conditions.

As is generally known, electric motors are responsible for a large part of the world's energy consumption. By using a variable frequency drive the systems become more efficient and, therefore, consumption is reduced. Technological advances have brought about a huge evolution in variable frequency drives and for this reason, today, they are already manufactured in different performance typologies.


  • Energy Savings

Using a variable frequency drive reduces the consumption of electrical energy due to the fact that the motor is not always running at maximum speed because the drive allows the speed to be adjusted according to the needs of the equipment at any given time. This combined use of electric motor and variable frequency drive allows for more rational use of energy and saving of it.

  • Less maintenance

With the use of a variable frequency drive, the need for maintenance is reduced, since the systems have less wear. This is due to the fact that the drives can have controlled starts and stops and thus excessive impacts and load peaks are avoided. Besides the need for less maintenance on the equipment, this will also be simpler and more economical.

  • The increased useful life of the systems

Associated with the reduced need for maintenance is also the fact that variable frequency drives make the life of the systems longer because there are no large peaks in the electrical installation or drives with significant load peaks.

  • Automated process

In addition to motor speed control, variable frequency drives can be networked to centralized control systems for greater optimization of industrial processes, creating synergies capable of reducing working times and a reduction in manufacturing process costs, in addition to the associated energy savings.

  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Due to the savings in energy and equipment maintenance, we can conclude that the cost of the variable frequency drive in most standard electric motor drives is quickly diluted over a relatively short period of the equipment's life, even generating significant savings in the short/long term.

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