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5 features/advantages of Bernati gearboxes

Gearboxes | Bernati

A gearbox is used to reduce the output speed of the motor. There is a gear train between the motor and the gearbox that allows the output shaft to rotate more slowly resulting in a reduction of the speed. Bernati's range of worm gearboxes comprises two series with multiple configurations that allow simple integration into the equipment design.

Main features/advantages that distinguish Bernati gearboxes:

    1. Versatility and ease of installation, due to the various attachment points.
    2. Compact - possibility of high transmission ratios with reduced volumes.
    3. Lower noise due to the gearing profile of the constituent elements (worm wheel).
    4. High degree of irreversibility, especially in higher gear ratios.
    5. Good price/efficiency ratio of the transmission.

    Bernati worm gearboxes are a high-quality modular solution that can transform power into motion (speed and torque) for various applications. These gearboxes are normally applied in situations that require a high level of gear reduction. Since it is a gearbox with irreversible gears, it guarantees greater safety, and its anti-vibration system makes it less noisy than other ranges. As mentioned above, these gearboxes are applicable to various solutions, however, the most common are applications in load handling equipment.

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