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How do Bernati motors contribute to the reduction of environmental disaster?

Motor BMT IE3 - Bernati

We currently live in a state of environmental alert. The planet earth is suffering irreversible damage caused by human unconscious activity. We are witnessing daily an increase in global warming caused mainly by the constant emission of polluting gases. To face this critical panorama there has to be an essential common contribution regarding the exploitation of natural resources. It is becoming more and more important that companies adopt environmental education and reformulate their activities so that they are directed towards environmental ethics.

As is public knowledge, industrial activity is the main cause of the environmental disaster we have witnessed. As far as electric motors are concerned, they are responsible for 70% of industrial electric power consumption and 40% of worldwide electric power consumption.

As a conscious company, Bernati struggles daily to find solutions that have the least possible environmental impact and as such has created a set of electric motors with energy efficiency.

These motors are classified into three different energy classes:

  • IE1- Standard

  • IE2- Premium

  • IE3- Super Premium

    Motor BCT IE4 - Bernati

    BCT IE4 Motor- Bernati

    The classification of this type of motors is made in different classes in a logical order. Each of these classes means that the next class is more efficient than the previous class.

    Energy-efficient electric motors have the capacity to reach the same power level as a normal motor consuming much less electrical energy which makes the use of these motors very beneficial to the environment in the long run.

    Bernati motors are designed and developed so that they can be used in any industrial application and thus begin to contribute to a reduction in the consumption of electrical energy of the entire global industry. In addition to energy savings, our motors are developed to have the longest possible life cycle. Their high level of resistance allows them to last for many years and not to be subjected to major maintenance, only general ones.

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