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Wich motor is mostly used in industry?

Industrial Motors

Motors are a fundamental component in all existing industrial processes. Without them, the industrial activity would be almost null. These devices have the ability to convert different types of energy into mechanical energy. There are several types of motors with different functionalities. We highlight the main current motors: 

  • Turbines
  • Internal Combustion Motors
  • External Combustion Motors
  • Compressed air Motors
  • Electric Motors
  • Hybrid Motors

The first motors that appeared used human strength, the animals the wind, and steam. As the years passed by, while technological development was taking place, these motors were replaced by the ones mentioned above. At this moment the one that has more utility and activity is the electric motor. In order to have a notion of its dimension, this type of engine is responsible for 70% of the industrial energy consumption.

All existing electric motors are important for industries and activity in general, however, some are more versatile than others. Generally speaking, they all serve the same purpose - to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy - however, there are several characteristics that make them particular. As mentioned in our article about the most common types of electric motors, there are two types that stand out:   

Alternating Current Motors

Direct Current Motors

  • Brushless
  • Brushed

Of the motors mentioned above, the most common and most used are induction motors in general, but the three-phase motor is the one with the highest prominence. Bernati's range of electric motors includes three-phase motors, single-phase motors and electric motors with DC brake.  Because they are motors adaptable to various types of activities and are normally used in heavier activities, three-phase induction motors are among the most used in industries worldwide. 

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