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1-250 Pull and Lock Hook



  • Pull and lock hook with 5mm compression/pulling distance
  • With 90° stroke
  • Vibration-proof according to DIN 61373
  • Latching direction is always clockwise
  • The extremely positive torque ratio allows for controlling this hook-latch by a cylinder latch
  • Very suitable for applications on 19 racks and sliding doors
  • This device can be operated by all quarter-turns L18 with insert or handles


  • Pull and lock hook, locking bolt, line-up fork: steel, zinc plated


(S) Door-thickness 1.5 - 2.5mm

1. Open position.
2. Hook catches behind the locking bolt and continuing the closing rotation, the hook is then being pulled automatically against the locking bolt. The pulling stroke is 5mm
3. At the end of rotation process the hook has a vibration proof latch behind the locking bolt

Pull and Lock Hook.

More Information
Material Zinc-plated steel
Type of Latch Compression