BV Worm gearbox Size 50 ratio 1/14 with IEC PAM 71B14


BV Type - Worm gearboxes with B5 or B14 connection flanges for IEC motors.

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BERNATI worm gearboxes are a high quality, modular solution for transforming power in the

required format (speed and torque) to drive any application.

All components use high quality materials:

  • Worm gear in hardened, alloy steel case;
  • Worm wheel in high resistance bronze;
  • Optimized gear profile for low noise operation;
  • Exterior housing in die cast aluminum, from size 030 to 090;
  • BV range with epoxy painting in RAL 9022;
  • Housing designed for versatile assembly and efficient heat dissipation;
  • Long life and high reliability of bearings and seals;

For sizes 030, 040 and 050 of the BV series, the gearbox housing has a round format that allows its use in very compact applications. This compact version can also be fitted with multi-position feet that increase the possibilities of fixing it to the machine. For all the other housings, this series has a square format that allows fixing in any position.



The optional accessories available for all series are the output flanges in compact or long version, the single or double solid output shaft and the torque arm. Accessories are usually requested not assembled on the main unit. If required, BERNATI can supply all accessories already assembled on the main unit, according to customer specification.


In compliance with the machine directive, gearboxes are considered components intended to be fitted into another component or machine and they cannot be placed in service until the machine it is built in is declared in conformity with machine directive 2006/42/CE.


Standard Specifications
Worm gearboxes | BV Series

_Gearbox sizes from 030 to 090

_Output nominal Torque up to 490Nm

_Input motor power from 0,09 to 4kW

_Round shape sizes 030 to 050

_Aluminium alloy cases

_Output Hollow shaft, with opcional solid shaft


Mounting positions

More Information
Size 50
Input Configuration IEC PAM
Output (kW) 0.37
Gear Ratio 14
Output RPM 100
Version P
Material Aluminium
Output Torque (Nm) 57
Mounting Position B3
Output Configuration Base
PAM 71B14