282-9415.00-00037 Compression Lever Latch

Compression Lever Latch
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  • Flat compression lever latch with release button.
  • With pre-assembled mounting bracket.
  • No rear access needed for assembly.
  • In closed position the lever latch cannot be disassembled.
  • Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373.
  • Lockable lever latches with stainless dust cover.
  • The spring bolt keeps doors and flaps always under tension against the frame.
  • No need for readjusting if the pressure if the sealing decreases.


  • Compression lever latch: zinc die, black, powder coated
  • Clamp: steel, zinc plated
  • Spring bolt and spring: stainless steel


(S) Door-thickness max. 3.2mm

H-dimension (1.) adjustable from 0 to 40mm.
2. the complete latch can be installed in the cutout from the front.
3. by turning the screw (PH2) from the outside, the mounting bracket spreads and fixes the latch in the door panel.
4. the latch is securely fastened by the mounting bracket in the cutout.
5. by closing the lever the door is pulled against the frame.

More Information
Material Zinc-die
Type of Latch Compression
variable H-dimension 34 - 40 mm
Latching Type keyed different
Installation type screw-on
Group Compression Lever Latch, lockable
Draw Ref. g)