6-150 Slam Latch



  • The slam latch for aluminium profiles.
  • 2-parts: door-part and frame-part.
  • This door-part catches the slam-bolt and is also the limit stop for the frame-part.
  • Due to oblong holes, different profile widths can also be used.
  • Gently pulling the handle will disengage the slam-bolt.
  • A gentle push will latch the door.
  • All lockable slam latches are supplied with 2 keys.


  • Handle, door- and frame-part: zinc die, chrome plated or black
  • Bolt: zinc die, untreated
  • Tenon nut: steel, zinc plated


1. 4 tenon nuts M6 are included in scope of delivery
2. open
3. opened
4. close

Slam Latch
More Information
Material Zinc-die
Type of Latch Slam