VR.140 FP Spoked handwheels without handle

Spoked handwheels without handle.
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High-strength, reinforced phenolic based (PF) Duroplast, black color, glossy finish.


Standard executions

Black-oxide steel hub, uncovered front end, H7 reamed hole:

  • VR.FP-A: without handle.
  • VR.FP+I-A: with revolving handle I.301+x in Duroplast.
  • K: index for executions with hole and keyway in compliance with DIN 6885/1, tolerance P9 i.e.: 77111-10-K VR.100 FP-A10-K


Black-oxide steel hub, not drilled, uncovered front end in order to make holes different from the standard:

  • VR.FP: without handle.
  • VR.FP+I: with revolving handle I.301+x in Duroplast.
More Information
Material Duroplast
Type of assembly Not drilled
Handle Without handle
D 139
L 47
B 20
d1 32
d2 24
t 18.3
C# [Nm] 165
b 5
L# [J] 12
d' 20
d'' 16
l 38
l2 15