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Machine Vision

AccuPick 3D | Solomon

Nowadays, machine vision has been gaining great relevance and importance at an industrial level. Although this is a term known in the market since the 50's, it is only in the last decades that the real developments started to emerge. In some sectors, this is already the total solution when it comes to quality control, although this type of tool has much more advantages associated with its use.

These types of systems are, in fact, a combination of software and hardware that provide information to robots devices in the execution of the work. In other words, machine vision is done by a scanner that captures and processes images and based on the information it collects gives "order" to the devices to act. All this is controlled by some digital sensors that are inserted in specialized industrial cameras so that it is possible to analyze all the characteristics of a certain product or material and then make decisions.

The most occurring use of the machine vision system is undoubtedly in quality control. However, machine vision systems can perform other types of analysis. The companies use this system to improve the quality and efficiency of their operations. Lately, some advances in this technology have emerged, scanners can achieve details that go beyond human vision and more than machine vision, we also talk about artificial intelligence.

In this sense, Solomon has been developing a set of 3D vision solutions that promise to revolutionize the market. In this article, we will present you one of the solutions that has proven to be an asset to industries: the AccuPick 3D.

AccuPick 3D was created with the main objective of facilitating the industrial activity. This is a device that has the ability to recognize complex patterns through its vision and artificial intelligence system and can be deployed in various tasks in the most varied industries.

In a very simplified way, this Solomon product can, during a certain task, identify which piece, screw, etc., is necessary to pick up and indicate to the robot where it is. This means that if the scanner is in front of a box full of totally different pieces or screws, it can "tell" the robot which screw it needs to take out of the box and indicates the way to it.

Main Features

  • 3D Scanner

In addition to its information gathering capabilities, this scanner includes a structured light, light timer, active stereo vision, and a laser.

  • Image Analysis Software

AccuPick can recognize, segment, and localize the different work pieces.

  • Prevents collision

It has a specialized sensor that allows the robot to "make available" the path it must follow to pick up the parts without colliding with any object or the box where the objects are.


    • Speed

    AccuPick's neural networks allow it to recognize objects much faster and thus make the whole process faster than when it is done using any other method.

    • Simplicity

    The AccuPick programming system is greatly simplified and the brand also provides a set of videos and manuals needed for its operation.

    • Intelligence

    This Scanner has the ability to distinguish pieces with different shapes and thicknesses (even transparent objects). In addition, it only needs to load the images to know which are the ideal collection points, which is an excellent advantage compared to traditional CAD-based recognition techniques.

    • Versatility

    AccuPick is compatible with a wide variety of robots so that each user can choose the most appropriate solution for their needs.

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