DIN 950-AL-80-B10-D Spoked handwheels with revolving handle

DIN 950-AL-80-B10-D
Spoked handwheels with revolving handle.
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DIN 950-AL-80-B10-D
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  • Type A: without handle
  • Type F: with fixed handle
  • Type D: with revolving handle

Bore codes

  • Version B: without keyway
  • Version K: with keyway
  • Version V: with square


Cast iron GG

  • Hub machined
  • Rim turned and polished


Aluminum AL

  • Hub machined
  • Rim turned and polished
  • Unmachined body shot-blasted


Rim concentric and square to bore <0.4.

Fixed handles DIN 39.

Revolving handles DIN 98.

Steel, zinc plated respectively.

Plastic, Technopolymer black.

More Information
Material Aluminium
Type of assembly Plain hole
Handle Revolving handle
d1 80
d4 M 6
b 14
d2 H7 10
l1 16
l2 ≈ 29
r 27
l3 53
s H11 -
d3 ≈ 24
No. of spokes 3
Thickness of pressed stainless steel 150
Ø Handle 16