1-035SL Captive Fastener 9.5 SNAP-LINE


Captive Fastener with two installation systems.

1. Leaf spring for pre-assembly into the front sheet.

2. D-SNAP technology for final assembly into the rear sheet.

  • Joins doors, covers, rack drawers etc. with the frame/housing.
  • The Captive Fastener is captive in the front sheet.
  • It is no longer possible to either loose, to drop or to mislay the Captive Fastener.
  • In case there are several Captive Fasteners, you can release them one after the other without them dropping out.
  • Tool-less installation.
  • Completely pre-assembled, onepiece.
  • Vibration-proof.
  • Save of up to 90% assembly time.

Two kinds of inserts are available:

  1.  Turning Knob
  2.  Slotted insert for screw-driver (1.2 x 5.5mm).
Tool-less installation, Hand or tool removeable from front, Captive in front panel