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2-060DST DST Pullhandle with Slam-Hook PrC



  • Pullhandle with slam-hook with DIRAK-SNAP-Technology.
  • Opening operation: unlock handle and pull handle by 35°.
  • Closing operation: push handle into the dish, lock the barrel and slam the door closed. (the spring- loaded hook is free- running)
  • LH and RH application.
  • A non-locked handle has a detent in the door-dish.
  • Installation: hook lower part into the lower cutout. Snap top part into the upper cutout with a simple push.


  • Dish: PA, black
  • Handle: zinc die, black
  • Bolt/hook: zinc die, untreated
  • Pin: steel, zinc plated
  • Snap wedges and locking cylinder: PA

DST Pullhandle with Slam-Hook PrC.

More Information
Material Polyamide (PA)
High performing lines DIRAK-SNAP-Technology
Type of Latch Slam