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6-1680 Machine Handle for Sliding Doors



  • Sliding door handle for machine equipment
  • By pulling on the handle, the hooked cam is disengaged and the lock released
  • Hooked cam with free stroke
  • Mechanical separation of the handle and the hooked cam
  • As handles any Ø30mm tubes in variable lengths can be used
  • The top and bottom latching devices can be used with or without hooked cam
  • For low or smaller doors, also possible with one hooked cam element


  • Tube housing: zinc die, black
  • Pins: brass
  • Spring: stainless steel
  • Hooked cam: steel, zinc plated
  • Handle-tube: steel tube with synthetic coating, black



1. Alternative cutout
2. Open position
3. Closed position
4. Stroke 9mm

A = Distance between the center of the cutouts of the endpieces.

Machine Handle for Sliding Doors.

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Material Zinc-die