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1-068 Pull Latch Handle



  • The Pull latch handle is used by the 19 rack industry for locking insertions.
  • The completely pre-assembled unit is fastened by a countersunk screw M4.
  • LH and RH application.
  • When inserting the pull latch, the free running slam hook slides into the cutout of the door to keep the latch from rotating.
  • Pulling on the handle will unlock the drawer, enabling it to be pulled out.
  • The countersunk screw is not included.


  • Housing and handle: zinc die, matte chrome plated
  • Spring for insert: spring steel
  • Hook: sintered steel, zinc plated


(S) Door-thickness max. 5mm

1. Cutout handle
2. Alternative cutouts for locking hole
3. Locked
4. Unlocked

Pull Latch Handle
More Information
Material Zinc-die
Type of Latch Slam