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Accuride Catalogue
Taper Bushes RCB
RCK Clamping Elements
Flexible Couplings Giflex and Torque Limiters
Collars and Washers
Pillow Blocks FSB and RCM
Adjustable Motor Mounting
Platewheels and Hubs
Straight Spur Gears and Racks
Bevel Gears
Timing Pulleys
Timing Bars, Flanges for Pulleys and Camping Belts Plates
Right-Angle CHQ
The Diamond Line (inox)
URB Bearings
Cast Iron Series Gearboxes
Planetary Gearboxes - Maintenance and Operation Instructions
CHT GD-20 - Vector Control Inverter
O.E.M Components
Planetary Gearboxes
CHT GD-20 - Operation Manual
Planetary Gearboxes - Technical Manual
Mechanical Worm Screw Jacks CHD
Polyethylene Guides - Metal Steel Holders
Gear Boxes and Motors
V-Belt Pulleys
Standard Open Transmission Components
Driveshafts - Spare Parts
Driveshafts Standard Series
Planetary Drives
Professional Driveshafts
Slew Drives
Planetary Travel and Hoist Drives
Threaded rods
Trapezoidal Screws
General Catalog
E-Line by Dirak
E-Line - Technical
Three-Phase Asynchonous Motors - C Series
Three-Phase Asynchonous Brake Motors - FE-FECCL-FECC-Series
Asynchronous Single-Phase Motors
Asynchronous Three-Phase Explosion-Proof Motors Ex-d Ex-de IIC Line
Asynchronous Three-Phase Explosion-Proof Motors Ex-d IIB Line
Asynchronous Three-Phase Motors with Wound Rotor - CR Line
Three-Phase Asynchonous Motors for Roller Table - MR Series
Three-Phase Asynchonous Motors - MAR Series
Three-Phase Asynchonous Motors - S Series
Asynchronous Three-Phase Generators - G-Line
Components for construction vehicles, equipment and machinery
Bull's eye levels and Srew-on levels
Clamp Mountings
Conveyor components
Compenents for packaging machines and equipments
Double tube linear actuators
Edge proctection profiles
Self-Aligning Brackets
General Catalogue
Direct drive electronic position indicators
Modular roller tracks
Standard Machine Elements (Quick Catalogue)
Standard Parts in Hygienic Design
Telescopic slides
Visually Detectable and Metal Dectetable components
Telescopic linear slides - Linear guide rail systems
Oil drain valves - Breather valves
Retaining magnets
Fluted grip, three-arm, wing knobs with torque limiting
Transmission Elements
Tube connecotrs and end-caps
Wireless spindle positioning system
Flexible coolant hoses
Magnetic measuring system
Clamping and Braking Elements for Linear Guides and Rods
Crossed roller bearings
DATORKER® shaft gear unit
Direct drive rotary tables
Linear actuators
Linear axes and axis systems HX
Linear axes KK/KF
Linear guideways
Linear motor systems
Linear motors and distance measuring systems
Rotary tables
Servo drives
Servo motors
Torque motors
Optidrive Coolvert
Optidrive E3
Optidrive E3 for Single Phase Motors Brochure
Optidrive Eco HVAC
Optidrive Eco Pump
Optidrive Elevator
Optidrive P2
3D Safety Radar Systems
Metal Protector
General catalogue
General Catalogue
Meeting Tubular Linear Motors
Flow Aids
Industrial Vibrators
General Catalogue
Telescopic Steel Covers - Standard products
Round Bellows
Wipers and Brushes
Telescopic Steel Covers - Special products
Roll-up Covers - Standard products
Roll-up Covers - Special products
Roll-up Covers with apron
Flat Covers - Standard products
Flat Covers - Special products
Wave Sky
General Catalogue
General Catalogue
mGRIP P2 Global Kit
mGRIP P2 UR+ Kit
AccuPick 2D
AI - 3D Vision
AccuPick - SmartPack
Slewing Ring
Slew Drives Industrial
General Catalogue
General Catalogue
Product Overview